EU Business News verleit Mathias Meyenburg den Award für den „Best Digital Workplace CEO 2022“

Aktuell veröffentlicht: German CEO Excellence Awards 2022

Best Digital Workplace CEO 2022: Mathias Meyenburg

vleet, a company manned by exemplary CEO Mathias Meyenburg, has made a name for itself for its ability to transform client’s IT workspaces. Developing a new, digital office in which professionals can glean access to everything they need, from tools to communications channels, his focus has always been on ‘building a bridge between the old and new world’, something that has become even more pivotal than ever over the last 18 months.

Your special unit for secure, location-independent workplaces, flexible cloud solutions, and automated IT environments,

vleet is the guiding hand helping its clients to carve out – and maintain – their place on the path to greater success. Nominally, it wishes to change how its customers think
of IT specialists, allowing it to become a long-term partner to their business and a stalwart, reliable, friendly face. It takes great pride in fostering healthy communication with its clients, forging strong relationships with them based on mutual trust and respect that is made possible by vleet’s professional, charismatic, and knowledgeable staff always putting their best foot forward.

In short, it hopes to bring the workplace of the future to the teams of today. Since its founding in 2014, its efforts have seen it working
all across central EMEA, and supporting

its clients in working securely and with confidence, regardless of location. This has become an especially important element of its operations since the onset of the pandemic, with so many companies switching to working from home and finding that either a fully work from home or hybrid option is something its workforce prefers. Critically, thanks to its staff’s incredible tenacity and hard work, it pulls together to resolve even the trickiest of challenges for its clients, presenting them with a technique that is proven to be effective, with field-tested software and technicians who are the foremost in their field.

From the automotive industry to banks, insurance brokers, electronics providers,
and telecommunications, it puts a client’s infrastructure through its paces, communicates to the client where their structure currently sits, and then offers the relevant updates and developments that it could implement. It also offers workshops and training courses to go over how best to use its products. Thanks

to the diligence of CEO Mathias Meyenburg making this all possible, it can promise the highest levels of expertise, all made possible by his commitment to ensuring that each of his clients has the infrastructure in place to be able to thrive in the emerging modern epoch. Consequentially, between his focus on genuine connection and his comprehensive understanding of the digital workplace, he has made vleet a cornerstone in cultivating the shape of the new working world.

Company: vleet GmbH Contact: Mathias Meyenburg Website:


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